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Welcome to the Piedmont Dwellings Inc.Blog!  We are excited to bring you this part of the website to share ideas that inspire us.  For our inaugural post on the PDI Blog, we are taking you to a fabulous historical home in Winston-Salem, NC. named Graylyn.  Graylyn is full of history from the boom of the tobacco industry and has been preserved to show its charm in the best possible way.  We fell in love with this old home as soon as we drove up to the stately entrance!  It is so large, that I wasn’t able to get the entire home in one shot.  But, you can see the beautiful stone, the fabulous brick driveway, and so many great details from these photos…




The driveway, above, was so well-maintained.  No bumps- just perfectly beautiful!  The windows in the indoor pool were so pretty~ there was detail after detail in this home…


The inside of the house was just as unique and detailed.  One of our favorite parts was the “Beehive” ceiling- that is amazing brickwork to get the ceiling to look like that!




The wrought-iron detail in the winding staircase leading to the upper level (where the beehive ceiling was) is fantastic- and so are the windows!  Here are a few more photos from around the grounds at Graylyn.  This is now one of my favorite historical homes…historical-house-plans-piedmont-dwellings-graylyn-garage-carriage-house


The photo above shows the carriage house or the “Garage”.



We truly loved our visit- next time we hope to bring Ron with us!  We tried to take lots of pictures because we know how much he loves historical houses and all of the details- but there is nothing like seeing it in person!  Here the kids and I are as we say goodbye to this beautiful home!


Thanks for stopping by Piedmont Dwellings~ we hope you’ll come back again!  And always feel free to share historical homes that you love- maybe we will visit those, too!




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