Piedmont Dwellings, Inc. offers a study plan set that can be ordered in PDF form or hard copy form.  The study set is not a full set of plans and does not include all of the pages, dimensions, or information that would be necessary to construct a building.  The study set includes only the full size pages of the floor plans and the elevations of the design.  The intention of the study set is for you to be able to view full size drawings of the floor plans and elevations of a particular design to determine whether a plan meets your needs.


The study set of plans from Piedmont Dwellings, Inc. is clearly marked to indicate that the plans are not authorized for construction.  No license to use the plans for construction purposes is granted or conveyed by the purchase of the Study Set Plans.  The purchase of a plan set that comes with a Single use license agreement would be required to construct any Piedmont Dwelling, Inc design.


Constructing a Piedmont Dwellings design or using a Piedmont Dwellings design as a derivative of another design without the purchasing the proper license from Piedmont Dwellings, Inc. is a violation copyright law.  Copyright and licensing of home plans for construction exists to protect all parties.  It respects and supports the intellectual property of the original architect or designer.  Copyright law has been reinforced over the past few years.  Willful infringement could cause settlements for statutory damages up to $100,000 plus attorney’s fees, damages and loss of profits.

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