Ron Menzies developed an interest for the construction industry while growing up in a general contracting and real estate family.  He graduated in 1992 from Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design, and Construction with a degree in Building Science.  After his graduation, Ron began designing and constructing commercial buildings for his family’s general contracting business.

In 1993 Ron opened his own construction company to serve the residential market in south east metro Atlanta.  Ron guided the company through the end of 2005 in the design and construction of over 150 residential homes, the development of residential subdivisions, commercial construction projects, and the management of commercial leased properties.

While winding down his involvement in the construction business, Ron opened a real estate investment company in 2005 that purchased, repaired, and sold properties that entered the troubled real estate market.  During this time, Ron developed an interest in combining historical architecture details with modern floor layouts.

Ron’s background experience from multiple sides of the construction and real estate industries gives a broader understanding of the construction process which is incorporated into each home design.  Ron’s experience of constructing most of the designs his company created in the past also improves the quality of the plans that Piedmont Dwellings, Inc. offers today.

Ron would like Piedmont Dwellings to be an outlet that serves homeowners and builders as they gravitate toward timeless design of residential homes.